Friday, May 24, 2013

How to adjust your photos for listings previews at Etsy

Taking photos for Etsy always very important. It supposed to show your product, so the potential customer will be interested to check it,and interesting for treasury curators. And even when the photo was good enough, usually it was not placed right at the previews. Now we have some great feature at list editing, that allows to change the placement of photo or crop it.
First you editing your listing. After pressing the button "Preview Listing" you arrives to this page:

Press the "Adjust Photo" button (surrounded with red line ot the previous picture). After that use the scroller to make zoom at your picture and move it with your mouse to choose the very best position. After that press the "crop" button, and there you are, have your perfect preview for your listing.

Happy sales :))))

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Treasury you've been included in at Etsy

So, as we all know not always we acepting convos that have been sent through Shmetsy. So there is couple different ways to discover in which treasuries our items was included.
1. Treasury search:
At treasury page write at search field shop:lenamer (instead of lenamer write your own shop name):

2. You also can join the prototype team Shop Stats Improvements and then at the bottom of your statistics page you will see a list of treasuries you've been included, like this:

Happy sales to all :)))