Tuesday, October 29, 2013

DIY Macrame knot earrings

Those earrings are really simple, great for casual outfit. Simple to make and yet the range of possible designs are extremely wide.

Step 1:
Make a loop,
as simple as it is.

Step 2:
Make the other loop,
(both sides shown)

Step 3:
Fold both loops together,
just like butterfly folds it's wings.

And here it is, basic for Macrame Knot Earrings. And now it's time to have some fun. Get a pair of ear hooks, and some gems to attache. Here some examples for possible designs:

           You can make loops at edges and
            hang some beads.      


            You can put a bead on one of wires and
             hummer the edge, so it will be flatten.

             You can combine first two options,
             so one wire will be flatten and the other
             will have hanged gemstone on it


Please feel free to try, enjoy the process of creation. I know, I will :)))
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